News Year: 2019

Cold Storage Review – USA Today

News · September 3, 2019

"And yet the book (and movie) that is most analogous to Koepp’s engaging debut novel, Cold Storage, is Peter Benchley’s iconic Jaws." Read More »

Jurassic Park’s Screenwriter Wrote an Equally Terrifying Novel, and Loved It

News · September 3, 2019

“There were two authors that were really big for me, Stephen King and Kurt Vonnegut.” Read More »

Cold Storage Review – The New York Times

News · August 30, 2019

"His characters are so keenly, intelligently and even movingly drawn that they might have stepped out of a literary novel. On every level, Cold Storage is pure, unadulterated entertainment." Read More »

Cold Storage review (Kirkus starred review)

News · June 17, 2019

"Unlikely heroes battle a frightening fungus that could wipe out humanity in this taut, mordant thriller debut." Read More »

Cold Storage review (Booklist starred review)

News · June 1, 2019

"This is a terrific thriller: ambitious, audacious, gory, scary, flamboyant, and funny." Read More »

Cold Storage Review – Publisher’s Weekly

News · May 30, 2019

"Michael Crichton fans won’t want to miss this one." Read More »

Interview and Cold Storage cover reveal

News · February 5, 2019

“One of the scariest things to me is not necessarily getting chased down and killed by a monster. The scarier thing is the monster turning me into it. That’s what’s really terrifying. Read More »